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Thursday, 8-Feb-2007 04:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
'jalan-jalan jejak perlis'

cece in d airport looking for info ctr to guide our journey...
ida too...airport sunyi, info ctr pun takde..."how to..?"
new, not helping!!!
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sorry u guys for d late posting...been 'quite bz'...with...ade larrr..! hahaha!

anyway... yups, 28th january was d day we berjaye jugak jejak kaki ke perlis. (eventho cece mcm dah nak sakit2....ida pulak bz with her year end account closing yg tak siap2 lagi... kui, kui, kui...! )

erm, nothing much to do over there plus the fact we do not haf any map to guide us during our 'exploration' jejak perlis nie. but we've made it gals - to kangar...! as for alor star...masuk jalan kampung mane ntah tapi jumpa jugak the muzium padi...unintentionally! (i think that's 1 out of 3 of their interesting places to visit-and we found one! yeay!) sigh...we dun even know what monument shud we take photos to commemorate this what we did was just berhenti kat mane2 (tepi jalan tau...!) and snap few pics that has the word "alor star" n "kangar"!

it was damn hot that day and everybody did not feel well afterwards; tired, headache, fever, sore throat –cece sampai kene amik MC the next day! erk, feel guilty jugak....sowie! but at least we wrap it up with a nice "kuek2" for lunch in yan, kedah. that gulai itik is sumthing....n i'm gonna miss it.................kan cece...? emm, not just that....i think that this mite be our last jalan2 togeder-geder.....i'm gonna miss u guys sooooooooooooooooooooo muchy much! love u all loads n loads...!!! *hugs&kisses*

Monday, 4-Dec-2006 03:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark
langkawi - at last..!!!

ready to break loose in langkawi!
ida n cece at d kuala kedah jeti...
langkawi bebeh - at last!
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i think we've planned out this langkawi trip since a year last, 02/12/2006 is d day the 3 of us eventually get to "breakaway" in L.A.N.G.K.A.W.I..............

my ideal breakaway would definitely be all 3 of us "chicks" driving a topless vehicle (preferably an slk but yeah rite...!) - although a 206cc would do... . unfortunately, the car-rental co. couldn't provide us with one coz some typical european car maintenance problem. instead we settle for a vios.... and the funny part is (but actually i feel stupid now... ) no one told me that the island only need some rm10-20 of fuel to get around so i actually fueled-in sumwhat rm50 in that car....(level minyak mcm tak turun2 pulak tu...!! till d day we return d car....thanx to that toyota vvt-i thingy....bertuah diorang dpt minyak free...!)

anyway, that weekend kinda peak season already...(cuti skolah maa....) so to get ourselves a place to crash was kinda hopeless in the beginning. worst come to worse mmg kite tido dlm kete aje laaaa.....but i guess its fated that we just dun crash just about anywhere coz we found a very small yet cozy n beautiful resort called the 'frangipani' (funny name...i know!) i think its really an ideal resort that i am looking for to go bersantai at d pantai chenang.....i like it...really...!

and so....a lil sightseeing here n there....survey almost all d resorts around pantai chenang....but most of it we just head for places to shop! ade orang tu beli sampai 2 pairs of shoes ...! ida found a cute bag to bawak jalan2....and me as usual getting stuffs that i really dun need........... u all berdua lar ajak i masuk kedai tapi i end up yang membeli tau!

anyway, it was a great weekend.....eventhough i'm not fully recovered from my fever+flu+headache+x de selera makan......but it was really worth it. thanx to fazli especially who kindly let me steal some of his time to show us the whereabouts of langkawi. without him i truthfully think that the trip may be postponed again to God knows gals......where to next...??? we may need to plan now coz our planning normally takes a year to implement....!

love ya'all....!

Thursday, 23-Nov-2006 01:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
nite out in penang....

the beginning of the nite.....
muke tgh lapar n tension...!
muke dah kenyang sgt...!
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an unplanned outing turn out to be so much fun....!!!

it first started out with the whole day i was preparing myself for a worst case scenario i could get myself in that nite...(becoz of something that only certain people know about....jeng, jeng, jengggg.... ) but the 'appointment' was cancelled laaaassttt minute (due to only God knows why......) kinda stressed out coz i was really looking forward for it to happen sooner or later....(i mean, the sooner the better riteee...???)

so, to get myself back together (before my head blew-up!)....i really haf the urge of eating sushi n haf a hell of a good time (i really dressed-up that nite to make myself feel good....! ) coincidently, sumone is going to penang for work purposes, and also it's one of my best-gurlfren's b'day (who is also in penang), n not to forget i could give certain sumone (or both) a surprise too!

and so.....that's where me n cece had our mouth-watering, delicious japanese cuisine in TAO....gosh, she really ordered a lot.....!!! i only asked the waitress to give some recommendations and each of it cece agreed to try...until i quote that the people at the restaurant must be shocked saying "ini 2 orang aweks makan banyak gilerrr...!"

later....that's where all of us meet up in starbucks for a nite-cap. ida had her one slice tiramisu b'day cake, cece n bj had their surprise, fazli n me r just enjoying the nite-out feeling happy that our impromptu surprise really worked out!

thanx u guys for the wonderful's just what i need to get myself back together - share some jokes & laughter toegeder-geder, some catching-up on the lives of people that i've missed soooo much, and also the companion of the dear ones in my life just hanging-out together. we should do this again..............

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lil' hi-tea in SP

desserts...yummy yumm...!
'rasmi'kan my lasagne
"besfrens forever!" future O&G doc-nak sambut baby i nanti!
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For the special people in my life who have helped me make this hi-tea a success….thanx so much…love u all immensely! Without help for the last minute “go-get-it” ingredients, barang tak cukup, supplier tak supply….cece buat preparation sampai terduduk kat lantai n buat soooooo many things just for the hi-tea….ade yang sanggup “import” some of my stuffs from putra n not to forget shopping kat ikea lagi untuk i….u guys really went through a lot of trouble just for this n i really appreciate all of d efforts. Tenkiu, tenkiu, tenkiu….!

-macam buat grammy award's punye speech pulak...


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